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San Joaquin County is one of the richest agricultural regions in the state, with 24,000 acres alone dedicated to the growing of asparagus. It is also home to several major companies including General Mills, Diamond of California, Fairmont Sign Company, Dana Corporation, Fox River Paper Company, Mondavi Woodbridge Winery, Nestle and Yellow Freight. Itís central location, strategically positioned in the heart of Californiaís Central Valley, is between two major freeway systems (Interstate 5 and Highway 99,) and it is close to the San Francisco Bay Area. The county also has a qualified and productive workforce, consisting of skilled and semi-skilled workers, and an affordable wage structure, which presents a distinct hiring advantage for potential employers. Expansion is projected in the retail, service, office and manufacturing sectors of the economy. It is the County's goal to provide a well-balanced, diversified economy with employment opportunities for all economic segments of the County. San Joaquin County is aggressively pro-business and is committed to growth while maintaining a desirable business and living environment while preserving natural resources.In addition San Joaquin County and the City of Stockton offer the following local incentives for businesses in the area:

Stockton/San Joaquin Enterprise Zone
Local Incentives
Reduced Fees Committed to expediting permit processing for Enterprise Zone projects, both the City of Stockton and San Joaquin County have established permit centers. These centers will issue all permits required for construction projects, including all building permits; planning permits; plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits; and encroachment or engineering permits.
Businesses locating in the Enterprise Zone are also eligible to take advantage of a 50% discount on:
Building Permit Fees
Building Plan Check Fees
Use Permit and/or Variance Application Fee

Economic Review Committee & Development Coordinator
The Economic Review Committee (ERC) meets with project developers/business owners to review preliminary site plans, and provide the project owner with information about any requirements the projects might have. Solutions to problems and suggestions regarding site configurations are often worked out at these meetings. Each project is assigned a Development Coordinator who leads the ERC meeting and tracks the project through the permitting process to completion. To schedule an ERC meeting, phone (209) 937-8530 or e-mail: Click here to download an informational brochure on the Economic Review Committee. Utility Tax Rebate for Large Employers The City of Stockton charges a tax on utility usage in order to pay for additional police officers. For large employers within the Enterprise Zone or MX-Mixed Use Zone, the City will rebate a portion of the utility tax according to the following schedule:
95% Rebate for 1000+ employees
50% Rebate for 500 to 999 employees
40% Rebate for 400 to 499 employees
30% Rebate for 300 to 399 employees
20% Rebate for 200 to 299 employees
10% Rebate for 100 to 199 employees
Infrastructure & Environmental Impact Report Assistance. Within the Redevelopment Project areas, the Redevelopment Agency is able to enter into development agreements to reduce costs of off-site development and infrastructure. Large projects locating within a Redevelopment Project area located in the Enterprise Zone can save up to 50% on off-site development costs and realize substantial savings for installation of infrastructure improvements in the Central Stockton Project Area.

The City of Stockton and the Redevelopment Agency have completed program Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) for the Enterprise Zone and for the Central Stockton Redevelopment Project. Many businesses will not be required to submit an EIR if their project is not significantly different from the projections of these adopted/certified EIRs. The savings to businesses are considerable in terms of both time and money.

Foreign Trade Zone Stockton also offers a Foreign Trade Zone. What is a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) you ask? "A foreign-trade zone is a restricted access site, in or adjacent to a Customs port of entry, operated pursuant to public utility principles under the sponsorship of a corporation granted authority by the Board and under supervision of the Customs Service."
For U.S.-based companies involved in international trade, the FTZ program provides a means of improving their competitive position vis-`a-vis their counterparts abroad. The fundamental benefit offered by the FTZ program is the ability to defer, reduce, or even eliminate Customs duties on products admitted to the zone. Benefits for Businesses includes:
Deferral of Duties
Reduction of Duties
Elimination of Duties
Elimination of Drawback
Labor, Overhead and Profit
Zone to Zone Transfer
For additional information about Foreign Trade Zones, contact the Port of Stockton at (209) 946-0246 or visit their website at

Recycling Market Development Zone The Stockton/San Joaquin Enterprise Zone is also a part of the San Joaquin County Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ). RMDZ is a program of the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB). The CIWMB offers low interest loans up to $1 million, technical assistance on financing strategies, and assistance on marketing nationally and internationally. Local incentives include accelerated permit processing, possible waiver/deferral of planning and development related fees, preparation of data (such as retail market studies), and more. Contact the Stockton Chamber of Commerce at (209) 547-2770 or visit their website at for more information.


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