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San Joaquin County Public Health Services (PHS) is a local health department, operated by the County of San Joaquin. PHS is a division of the San Joaquin County Health Care Services Agency, which also includes San Joaquin General Hospital, Mental Health Services and Office of Substance Abuse.

Led by the Director of Public Health and local health officer, PHS is internally organized into three divisions, Administration and Health Promotion, Disease Control and Prevention and Family Health. PHS includes Administration and Health Promotion Division, Disease Control and Prevention Division, Family Health Division.

Administration and Health Promotion Division:
This division supports six major department functions – department management, information systems, vital events registration, health statistics and reporting, community health promotion and health education, and community-based immunization services. Department management functions include budget development and management, accounts payable and receivable, and personnel services. Birth and death registration and provision of certified copies of birth and death certificates are linked with the important function of providing statistics and reports describing the health of vulnerable populations and health status of County residents. Activities include provider assessment and education, community information campaigns, and coordination of community-based influenza services.

Disease Control and Prevention Division:
This important division of PHS includes programs organized to carry out mandated health protection of individuals and the public related to communicable diseases and other significant population-based threats, such as diseases transmitted via food, water, and animals, as well as biological agents capable of mass destruction.

Family Health Division:
This Division provides services to assure the health of some of the County’s most vulnerable populations – infants, children, teens, pregnant women and mothers. The Division operates several programs intended to address preventable morbidity and mortality among women and children by enhancing birth outcomes, preventing infant deaths, supporting safe homes and transport, furnishing nutrition education and food vouchers to eligible women and children, preventing repeat teen pregnancies and coordinating health and medical services to children and women.

Director of Public Health
William J. Mitchell, MPH
Phone: (209) 468-3412


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